Online Business Manager

Transforming the overwhelmed business Mum into a successful Business Boss.

Having an online business manager is more than just outsourcing. It is having someone in your corner, someone who gets you, who wants the same things for your business as you do and who is literally there for you whenever you need them.
You'r no longer doing this on your own, no more stress, anxiety and overwhelm ruling your life. It's time to take your passion for your business, remember your 'why' and start enjoying it again.

I'm doing great on my own!I really need some support to get my business on track and free up my time.
I understand social media and have a good handle on it.I am Making great sales and have a marketing strategy in place.I have a good handle on how to run my business but I just cant seem to get everything done.
I have a 12 month business plan.I don't have a Business Plan or marketing strategy in place.
I don't have kids, and my business is my baby, so it gets all my time and energy.I am over feeling overwhelmed all the time and I wish I had more time with my kids to be my true happy self.
I love to plan ahead and usually plan my content and promotions a month in advance.I feel like I am always irritable and stressed out because my mind is so full of ALL the things I need to do.
I am super organised and have staff to help with my business.I wish I could be more present when I'm not working.
I have a VA who implements a lot of my marketing ideas.I want to quit my day job and make my side hustle more profitable.
I don't want to spend any more money when I can just do it myself.I am ready to invest in myself and my business.
I can't afford to invest in my business when it is not turning over a profit.I understand that there is no quick fix and a successful business requires patience.

What does an OBM actually do?

  • Plan 12 months of marketing content

  • Create 90 day detailed marketing strategies

  • Email, Social Media and Website!

  • Grow Your Leads

  • Research Hashtags

  • Increase organic reach

  • Create lead magnets that work

  • Alleviate stress and business overwhelm

Nurture the assets you own

You have 2 digital assets that you own in your biz - and I am going to show you how to nurture them.

Social media can be shut down in the blink of an eye, so as great as it is for brand awareness and reach it is futile at the same time.

Your email list and your website are the 2 digital assets that you OWN, no one can take from you. YOU have full control. They are your secret weapon and your key to a successful biz.

'Now that I am focussing in on the parts that I enjoy and PLANNING ahead I am getting amazing feedback from my customers, they have even thanked me for the emails!'

YOur not in this alone

You're no longer doing this on your own, no more stress, anxiety and overwhelm ruling your life. It's time to take your passion for your business, remember your 'why' and start enjoying it!

As your OBM I will plan, strategise, and implement a marketing system that is aligned with your business.

I have a small online retail business, it started out gung hoe and then tapered off.

Thats when I learnt the lessons I am now able to pass on to you. Everything I do I have been able to test, and experiment with my own retail biz.

"Within 3 weeks of changing things up and gaining some support my sales quadrupled"

The business partner you never knew you needed.

Ok so if you have come this far, I reckon it's safe to say something has clicked and you are probably starting think you could be on to something here.

You will no longer need to stress and worry about sending that email, getting your sales ready, launching that new product, it will all be planned ahead and I will be doing the leg work to make sure everything runs smoothly.

If you are ready to invest in YOU and get back your passion for your biz, let's chat.

Are you ready to start living your Business success dream?

If you're curious about the future possibilities of your business and just over feeling overwhelmed then let's chat.

It's vital that we are a good fit. I work very exclusively with a small number of clients so I can give everyone equal commitment.

So if we are going to work together we must be a match or it simply won't work!!

Don't stress if we aren't a good fit, I will be totally up front with you, and we can part ways with no regrets.

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